Angarsk Refinery is part of OJSC Angarsk Petrochemical Company, acquired by Rosneft in 2007. The refinery ranks among the largest Russian oil processing plants and is a major petroleum product supplier in Siberia and Far East.The plantís crude distillation capacity currently amounts to 13.4 million tones (98 mln. barrels) per year. Angarsk Refinery processes West Siberian crude oil..

The plantís conversion facilities include catalytic cracking, delayed coking, reforming, gasoline and diesel fuel hydrotreatment, and bitumen production units. The plant produces more than 200 types of petroleum products, including gasoline, diesel fuel, jet fuel, as well as bitumen, coke, and oils of different grades. Petroleum products from the refinery are sold in the domestic market and exported to 14 countries worldwide.

An assembly for immixture of additives was completed in 2009, and rebuilding work was carried out on a unit for production of sulphuric acid, to be used for processing of hydrogen sulphide (a by-product of hydrotreatment processes in production of diesel fuels and lubricants).

Mission and Values

Angarsk Oil Refinery Values Underlie all Our Decisions and Inform our Actions.

1. Leadership:

Leadership means the ability to set clear and ambitious goals and to lead the way towards achieving them.

2. Effectiveness:

Effectiveness means the continuous achievement of objectives by the most efficient means and with due consideration for potential risks.

3. Safety:

Safety means doing business without endangering life or the environment and with no accidents.

4. Integrity:

Integrity means honest and responsible attitude towards oneself, oneís job, colleagues, society as a whole and the environment.



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